Sydney down South

July 4, 2017 at 5:34 pm

Sydney may not be Australia’s capital but it definitely is its most famous and most visited city. Containing tons of activities from beaches to opera houses it definitely is a unique experience.

Bondi Icebergs is Australia’s most famous ocean pool as it is filled with saltwater. It is also your gateway into becoming a member of the oldest winter swimming club in Australia. All you have to do is swim three Sundays of a month for a period of five years. If you just want to visit, swim a little, and get a tan then the fee is as little as 6.5$.

One of the oldest gardens in the southern hemisphere is the Botanic Gardens. For over 200 years these gardens have gotten past fires, a windmill, and becoming a zoo and an aviary. It’s the perfect spot for a picnic if it’s not raining and you can find a decent spot in the shade. If you’re a lover of natural Sydney has more to offer you in the Royal National Park. There’s so much to do in the Royal National Park that a visit can take up your entire day. You can swim, picnic, bike ride, and more. Gordon’s Bay is another lovely spot where you can snorkel. If you love animals you can visit Taronga Zoo.

If you’re an adventurer and a fan of amazing views you can climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Tickets are expensive costing over 200 dollars but the view is definitely worth it. If you want more physically demanding activities you can kayak. It’s hard to think of a city that has as many places you can kayak as Sydney. The Manly Ferry is also a delightful experience. There’s no better way of transportation than through calm lovely water and better yet you get an amazing view of the city as the ferry transports you. It’s a very calming and amazing experience.

If you’re a person of culture than of course you’ve already heard of the Sydney Opera House which hosts many events throughout the year. For a detailed program and event listing you can visit its website. There are also multiple diverse museums in Sydney for those interested.

From some of the world’s finest beaches, to a plethora of activities, all the way to one of the world’s most famous opera houses Sydney is definitely one of the most fun and exciting cities around the globe and its natural beauty is amplified by the amazing architecture.